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[Xenogears doujinshi]
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Series: Xenogears
Title: 白の刻 [Shiro no Toki] White Times

Circle/Artist: Riichiro Tsutsumi
Type: Regular
Pairing: Bart x Margie
Pages: 16
Date Published: 12/29/98
Size: 6.94MB
Status: Complete!
Download: Mediafire

Summary: White Times is a short and sweet Xenogears doujinshi about a deep and meaningful conversation Bart and Margie have outside the Yggdrasil on a snowy day.
cover backcover Series: Xenogears
Title: 遠い約束 [Toi Yakusoku] Distant Promise
Circle: 電脳忍者隊 [Dennouninjatai] Electric Ninja Corp
Artist: 夏目京治 Natsume Kyoji
Type: regular, serious, gore
Pairing: Fei & Elly
Pages: 49
Date Published: 6/24/04
Size: 13.8MB

Status: complete!

cover backcover Series: Xenogears
Title: 超武技黒掌 [ Choubuki Kishin ] Level Infinity Deathblow Kishin
Artist: Ue and others
Type: gag, anthology

Status: partially scanned by Road. I may not be doing many of the stories in this anthology, but any I do will be released here!

Part 1: p19-24, Fei's Drawing Classroom by Ue
Size: 3.9MB
Download: Media Fire

Part 2: p131-140, (untitled) by Miyako
Size: 5.99MB
Download: Media Fire
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