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Title: D'arc: The Legend of Jeanne D'arc
[ダーク ジャンヌ・ダルク伝]
Artist: Kondo Katsuya 近藤勝也
Author: Kenichi Sakemi 酒見 賢一
Date Published: 1995
Pages: 100+
Scanned by: Mars McKay
Status: Waiting for additional scans as of 2/2019: Translation on hold, maybe indefinitely as of 2021. Please feel free to pick up this project! It's got really lovely art.

part 01 (p01-21)
Download: Media Fire

part 02 (p22-68)
Size: 105.57MB (PNG) / 61.66MB (JPG)
Download: Media Fire (PNG), Media Fire (JPG)

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