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[Yumi Tamura's Wangan Jungle]
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Title: 湾岸ジャングル Wangan Jungle
Author: Yumi Tamura
Volumes: 1 (collection of three short stories)
Date Published: 3/20/2002
Status: 1 of 3 chapters translated

Summary: Chapter 1 (Wangan Jungle) - Childhood friends Kanoe and Konoe find themselves trapped in the brand new Wangan Jungle themepark! How will they escape and what awaits them, lurking in the dark...? Chapter 2 (Pineapple Three) Three cousins find themselves in the midst of a murder mystery at their grandfather's hotel!

Chapter 1: Wangan Jungle
Size: 23.88MB
Download: Media Fire

Chapter 2: Pineapple Three
Size: 12.73MB
Download: Media Fire

Chapter 3: Jungle Box
Size: 10.2MB
Download: Media Fire

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