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Title: 幻想水滸伝 -受け継がれし紋章ー [Gensou Suikoden -Uketsugareshi Monshou-] Suikoden - Inherit the Rune
Author: 土方悠 Yuu Hijikata
Date Published: 9/30/09

Status: Volumes 1-2 complete! Doesn't seem to be a third volume?

Summary: A manga adaption of the hit Playstation game, Suikoden. Follow McDohl and comrades on his exciting adventures as he gathers the 108 Stars of Destiny and fights against oppression and tyranny in the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Volume 1 (complete)
Size: 80.81MB
Download: MediaFire

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Volume 2 (complete)
Size: 157.48MB
Download: MediaFire
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