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[Lord of the Rings doujinshi]
cover backcover Series:Series: Lord of the Rings
Title: Huntsman chapter 3
Circle: スットコすこい子 [Suttoko Dosukoiko]
Artist: 金色 スイス [Kaneshiki Suisu] Golden Swiss
Type: gag, regular
Pairing: none
Date Published: 11/16/02
Pages: 16
Status: complete!
Size: 5.36 MB
Download: Mediafire

Summary: "Huntsman" is a short Lord of the Rings gag doujinshi containg two stories. Both of the stories are sort of focused on Legolas, but Gimli, Pippin and Aragorn show up, too. In the first half, Gimli runs into Legolas in the forest, and finds that Legolas is running after him! In the second, our remaining fellowship members find Legolas in a coma-like state and wonder if he's sleeping, or if he and the surrounding forest have perhaps fused into some sort of super Lego-forest combo. Although it's called 'chapter 3', this is a stand-alone book and can be read by itself.
cover backcover Series: Lord of the Rings
Title: The Bluest Eve
Circle: Taihen Yoku Dekimashita
Artists: Hanamaru Nanto
(guest artists: Hiroshi Kajiyama & Kaya Kuramoto)
Type: gag, shonen-ai
Pairing: Frodo x Sam
Date Published: 8/17/03
Pages: 26
Status: complete!
Size:8.15 MB
Download: Mediafire

Summary: A collection of short gag stories, mostly featuring Frodo and Sam's gay relationship.
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